Nightscapes - Blue Desert Photo
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Yosemite Star Fall

My brother and I got a late start heading up the Glacier Point trail (essentially 4.6 miles straight up). Our campsite, legally, had to be about 5 miles beyond the summit. At about 9pm, however, still not to the top, and under the cover of darkness, we realized we weren't going to make it to the campsite, and we started to look for a place to bed down. I suggested we go a little further. About 300 feet up the trail, we hit the summit. "Is that a drinking fountain?" my brother asked. Sure enough. Just beyond that, was a snack shop (closed for the night), and a parking lot full of happy, well-rested tourists in high heels who had come to see the view. After collapsing onto the pavement and making sweat angels for a few minutes, I got back up and shot these star trails as the moon started to illuminate the horizon (which is why the clouds are so visible). Despite our error, I consider this to be a hard-earned photograph.

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